It’s Like Hearing Your Favorite Song For the First Time Again,
But Better

Just one guitar riff is all it will take for you to discover that the all-new Volvo XC90 can transport you in more ways than one.

You know us for building safe cars, now, you will also know us for our audio systems. Great music and sound are among the most important factors for a truly enjoyable drive. This makes the choice of audio systems a vital part of our designed-around-you philosophy. It’s this very reason we have crafted an audio system with Bowers & Wilkins unmatched in the experience it provides you and your passengers.

A Front Row Experience

We partnered with acclaimed British audio company Bowers & Wilkins to ensure the Premium Sound system in the all-new XC90 will delight even the most sophisticated audiophile. So whether you want to listen to rock on the radio, stream top 40 hits or play your favorite album, you’ll experience the best sound on four wheels.

Watch the video: “The Sound Of Perfection”

Not Just a Pretty Voice The Speakers Are Visually Impressive Too

As with everything we do, we started thinking about the kind of sound experience you would expect from a luxury car before we even sketched the first design.

This meant integrating the sound system into the very fabric of the design of the XC90 – not just bolting it on as an afterthought. Thinking about the best possible place for the speakers to maximize their effectiveness. Thinking about where to place the tweeters to bring out the highlights of the music. Thinking about how we could give every person in the car the same level of quality experience, no matter which seat they’re sitting in. Because we design our cars with more than just the
driver in mind.

It’s difficult to express the feeling that good sound gives you. You just know it’s right, and even more so when it isn’t.

“The Bowers & Wilkins audio system in the XC90 sounds incredibly tangible and lifelike”

Stuart Nevill, Head of Engineering, B&W

Faithful recreation of your music – whatever the genre – that’s what makes the sound system in the Volvo XC90 so special. That’s why we don’t focus on the numbers. Because while top-of-the-range Bowers & Wilkins system in the XC90 delivers 1,400 watts from 19 speakers, it’s what this translates into that’s more important. That’s why we tune all our audio systems by ear. We simply won’t leave a job this important to a machine.

The Worlds First Body Integrated Air-Ventilated Subwoofer

In creating the best sound system in the history of Volvo, we have also achieved a world first. A subwoofer is absolutely crucial to very high-quality, powerful bass tones but usually demands a compromise on space within a car’s cabin. But because the subwoofer has been integrated into the structure of the XC90 by being placed by the rear wheel arch, no space of any kind is sacrificed. It’s something that’s never been done. The subwoofer uses an opening in the wheel arch to feed fresh air into the car, which means a larger volume of air can be pulsed. It enables extremely low bass tones for a much richer sound experience.

Redefining what is possible in automotive audio

To create a truly spectacular experience, which replicates what you would experience in Gothenburg’s renowned Concert Hall in Sweden, we collaborated with the Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra. After taking more than 800 individual measurements in the concert hall and, with some very sophisticated software, we were able to recreate the acoustics of the concert hall inside the Volvo XC90. We call it the Gothenburg Concert Hall mode, and along with two other modes, it really does redefine what you expect from an automotive sound system.

Using an innovative approach to deliver the richest listening experience possible, we have created an audio environment that is one of the very best in the world, inside or outside a car. To achieve this, we teamed up with Bowers & Wilkins to create the purest sound system in the industry. Together, we’ve created three different Room Modes that deliver very distinct audio experiences. This is just one of the unique features that sets the remarkable audio system in the XC90 apart – here is a sound system that will allow you to adapt your audio experience to fit not only the type of music being played, but also your mood.

Gothenburg Concert Hall

A premium sound experience is a crucial element of luxury driving.

A large part of the success of Premium Sound by the Bowers & Wilkins sound system is the result of precise placement of speakers throughout the car – the audio system has been tuned to suit the physical arrangement of the cabin in the XC90. It’s why the focal point of the dashboard is one center tweeter and one midrange speaker with a Kevlar cone, for cleaner, purer sound. And it’s why there is also a mid-range speaker with a Kevlar cone, one tweeter and one woofer in each front door. That’s repeated on the rear doors, and there are also speakers in the rear roof panel.

Bowers & Wilkins Nautilus Tweeter

The exclusive Premium Audio system by Bowers & Wilkins provides amazing sound, whether you like rock, jazz or hip-hop. It has the particular ability to deliver the power and the punch for bass riffs, but with the delicacy to render the softest nuances with pin-sharp accuracy. This attention to audio detail is what makes Bowers & Wilkins the perfect partner for creating an immersive experience in the new Volvo XC90.

In The Studio

In Studio mode, the Bowers & Wilkins sound system faithfully replicates the intimate, focused acoustic experience that you might expect to find in a
recording studio. This creates the experience of being right there in the room as the artist records their music.

At The Concert Hall

In this mode, the acoustic design recreates the unique sound experience that you’d have if you were listening to your favorite performers live in a concert hall. Imagine sitting in Carnegie Hall listening to your favorite artist live, It’s like that.

The Stadium Experience

In Stage mode, the audiosystem creates the sensation that you are seated in the front row with the artist delivering their performance just for you. It’s an exciting feature of the Premium Sound by Bowers & Wilkins, and one that delivers a unique experience.

“We bring the emotional experience of a world-class live performance into the car for every passenger, even the ones in the back.”

Available For Delivery Spring of 2015

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